Highly recommend Rebecca's yoga and life coaching services

"Rebecca is a compassionate and intelligent yogi whose talents extend far beyond her ability to teach an amazing asana practice. I have taken her yoga classes as well as consulted with her as a life coach. I find her ability to communicate life’s beauty while acknowledging the existence of suffering to be spot on. She continues to inspire me through her communications and teachings. I highly recommend Rebecca's classes and services as a coach to help navigate through life’s challenges." -J.C., Newport, RI


"I have been working with Rebecca for several months and I adore her! She really hears you and tailors her program for you specifically. With her help, support and love I have come through some fears and am doing things I have always wanted to do! Can't recommend her enough. :)"- A.C., Manhattan, NY

Respecting ourselves and others

“Your guided meditation at our Empathy in Action session reminded us to respect not only the struggles of other but of ourselves; that not only are we healthcare professionals but people, too. Thank you! It was wonderful to have you walk us through this, and with your help, everyone came away feeling more centered and motivated than ever. We can't speak highly enough about your contribution to our program!” – Jillian Hudspeth, NJ Primary Care Association

Gently restored, deeply healed

"I consider myself very fortunate to have found Seva Prem Wellness. Rebecca has used Restorative Yoga and Reiki to address issues associated with adrenal fatigue I've experienced. Her authentic and warm presence combined with an intuitive compassionate approach provide a wonderful atmosphere for instruction and healing. She has guided me in techniques and practices I can utilize on my own to better my health and enhance my well-being. I am most grateful to receive Rebecca's guidance and devoted care on this healing journey.” -T.C., Newport, RI

Just what I needed

“My private session with Rebecca was just what I needed.  I was in the midst of preparing for a big talk so she worked on clearing my communication chakras followed by a gentle yoga and meditation.  She has a wealth of knowledge in various healing practices and her gentle spirit delivers the information in such a beautiful and soothing way.  The personal attention was calming and focused on my individual needs.” -K.F., Newport, RI


"Rebecca approaches the [tarot] deck in genuine service and moves through the reading with grace, articulating its divine message with enlightening eloquence. I have been deeply moved, strengthened, inspired and reassured of my path by the readings Rebecca has provided me. Perfect for guidance and clarity on past, present, future, or a specific question in your life. I look forward to the next!" -M.Z., Newport, RI